Your Revival Begins Here

Stop simply treating your symptoms and start actually healing your body!

The Revival Signature System takes you far beyond simply treating your symptoms. I know that natural healing and remission are well within reach for those suffering with chronic digestive issues and my healing protocol is the solution. The comprehensive holistic approach that I've created promotes deep healing, quick relief and complete peace of mind, all with the guided support from someone who truly understands.


And will leave you feeling better than you ever thought possible!

I believe that none of us really want to have to rely on someone else for our wellness. That's why I focus on empowering you with all the tools you need to actually move forward, heal your body and become your own best health advocate.


Let go of fear and start feeling excited about your health and your future.

The Revival Signature Approach

A truly comprehensive natural system that addresses the five fundamental elements of healing.

Your Health Story

Refine Your Diet

Repair Your Body

Rebalance Your Lifestyle

Reset Your Habits

We are all so uniquely different that your healing path must begin with a deep-dive into your personal health story including: 

Your Health Goals

Your Health Story

Your Symptoms

Family History

Stress Analysis

Sleep Patterns

Current Activity Levels

Macro/Micro Nutrient Analysis

Emotional Needs and Support


Underlying infections, viruses, bacterial overgrowth and heavy metal toxins play a significant role in digestive health. Comprehensive diagnostic testing and individualized lab work is used when signs point to the possibility that one or more of these issues exists.  

Your health story is used to create your personalized healing plan. Included is an easy to understand, in-depth analysis, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for healing supported by a meal plan with recipes, supplement recommendations and long term strategies for success.

The mental and emotional aspects of dealing with chronic digestive disorders are very real. Healing the body requires change and let's be honest, change is diffifult.  I personally know that willpower simply doesn't cut it.  

That's why I provide the needed support to break down barriers that stand between you and healing, so you can free yourself from the burden of serious digestive issues.  

Take a look at some of the ways we will work together to flip the switch on how overcome resistance to change so that you can heal your body.

Uncover your blind spots by taking a deep look at your belief system

Learn how and why you need to ditch the term "selfish" 

Understand real goal setting strategies - I have an exciting way to rethink goals

Learn the art of observation (without judgement) so that you can become aware of how you might be standing in the way of your own progress

Find out how to become stronger than your excuses so that you can be your own hero

Celebrate your successes (without sabotaging yourself)

and learn from your challenges

Fully understand all the elements of conscious eating

Learn planning strategies that can save you at just about every corner you turn​

My comprehensive signature system addresses the most crucial aspects of digestive healing, all in one place.


Remember, when given the right tools and proper nutrition, your body can

return to fully healing itself, just as it was designed to do.

Start your healing journey now by scheduling a

free consultation to discuss your health story. 

"Cecili has been a huge help in finding a path towards health for me and my family. I struggle with fatty liver, obesity, hypothyroidism and the associated aches and pains. Through meal planning, nutritional advice, and hands-on meal preparation, Cecili is helping me and my family be healthier and happier." - Becky

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