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What's your “why”?

What is the driving force behind your pursuit of healthy living?

It is really important to know. That “why” is where you will find inspiration to stay on track.

Whether you suffer with a digestive disease like me or you are trying to stay healthy to avoid issues arising in the future, staying focused on the bigger picture is what it takes when change seems difficult.

I spent the better part of a year after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, full of resentment and anger that I had to eat in what felt like such a restrictive way (which no longer seems “restrictive” in the least). I was focusing my energy on what I couldn’t have instead of what I was wanting to accomplish. Once I redirected my mind and began thinking about all of the experiences I wanted to have, I was able to slowly let go of all that negative energy and clearly see the benefits.

My kids were young when I first learned I had a serious digestive disease. My symptoms kept me close to the house, sometimes in bed for long periods of time, not able to participate in all of their new discoveries. There was even a year I cannot recall two of their birthdays!! I knew without a doubt that I didn’t want to miss out on watching them grow. I had to dig deep down to turn things around with my health. My family is the reason I chose to make so many significant changes in both food and lifestyle. They are also what keep me going through the years. They are my really big “why”.

Do you have a “why”?