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What's in your ecosystem?

A couple of months ago I shared this post about the microbiome. Hop on over and give it a read!

A deep dive into the microbiome uncovers a workforce that’s comparable to the Ant kingdom as far as armies are concerned. These bacteria are hard at work helping to balance hormones, keep our brain functioning properly, signal the immune system when viruses, bacteria or pathogens invade and regulate the digestive system.

Truthfully, they help with hundreds of processes that are essential for good human health.

As with any ecosystem, it is constantly changing and evolving based on outside influences.

Here’s just a few of the things that can through off the balance of this collection of human helpers and in turn cause health issues for us include:

- Antibiotic usage and even over the counter meds – especially repeated exposure

- Stress and relationship issues

- Environmental toxins such as Glyphosate, food additives and forever chemicals

- Lack of sleep (this also causes stress on the body)

- Smoking

- Excessive alcohol

Now, think of the gut microbiome as a vast ecosystem. It is home to trillions of organisms that can both help and hinder our health and wellness depending on its inhabitants. If you are dealing with health issues, I highly recommend taking a look at what’s going on in your own personal ecosystem.

So, how do we find out what is going on in our own microbiome? A comprehensive stool analysis is my favorite way to evaluate this very thing. Once we can identify your specific gut microbes, we can work to balance out the ecosystem by creating a personalized plan.

I use comprehensive stool testing for most of my clients (and on myself as well) and see great success after implementing a personalized plan to balance out their ecological community.

Get in touch if you are ready to take a look at the make up of your own microbiome.

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