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"The golden poop"

Ever heard the term “golden poop?” Aka the perfect poop.

Yeah, yeah, I know, nobody wants to talk about poop! I have been trying for years to normalize it in my house because, let's face it, poop is important! But as I write this, I can visualize my kids sinking down, hands over their faces, embarrassed they have a mom that talks about poop all the time.

It really is a topic I discuss a lot with my family and naturally, as a nutritionist, all the time with my clients.

Looking at your stool can tell you a lot about how well your body is doing at absorbing nutrients, eliminating waste and even tale-tale signs of digestive issues on the horizon.

For instance, there are certain colors, smells and consistencies that are normal and others that may be signs of health issues. Additionally, floaters vs. sinkers are important to take note of. You want your stool to sink. If it floats, it could be telling you that you aren't properly absorbing fats.

If you have overwhelmingly smelly stool, you might actually have an infection. Nobody's poop smells good but there are degrees of bad smelling for sure. It's just best to be honest with yourself.

The color of your stool can also be a clue that you need to pay closer attention to your body. I really like this chart from Medical News Today: