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One step in the right direction could save your life

If you are not well, one step in the right direction could save your life.

So many of us are resistant to change, even when it could potentially save our health and in the long run, our lives.

The big question seems to be “how do we make the needed changes to save our lives when change is so difficult?”

Many of my clients are faced with the hard reality that several major things need to be done differently in their lives in order to regain their health. And, rightfully so, they are initially overwhelmed.

While a full food and lifestyle “makeover” might be needed, I try always to use the following approach:

Start by simply choosing one thing at a time and move forward.

Long term, sustainable change is a journey and should be viewed as one that requires patience along the way.

A really effective way to see pretty substantial, positive change, is to begin by evaluating what you eat.

Food is meant to nourish our bodies yet so many of the “foods” we consume now are actually harmful rather than nourishing. Unless you are in a dire situation that requires immediate, radical change, begin by choosing to swap out an inflammatory food for a nurturing food. I recommend taking at least a week to track what you eat (without judging yourself) and then review your food log at the end of the week.

Look for patterns (ie – going through the drive thru more often that you realized) that don’t serve your body and your health and choose ONE thing to do differently the following week. Continue on the path to better health, slowly noticing ways in which you could improve what you put into your body.

Simply changing a few things that you eat can really provide you with really amazing results. It will seem like a huge sacrifice initially however, soon enough you will begin to feel better and that resistance will eventually fade into persistence!

Are you where you want to be?

If you don’t take a step forward, you will always be in the same place.

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