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Looking back

Yup, that's me. When I look at this picture it reminds me of how so many things have transpired over time that have been hard, things I could have never imagined would happen to me. And, how I would grow and evolve because of those difficult things.

Years ago, I did not know how my life would unfold.

I did not know how strong I would have to be.

I did not know the grief I would encounter.

I did not know the trauma I would carry along the way.

I did not know what it really meant to experience pain and suffering.

I did not know that I would spend years paralyzed by fear and anxiety.

I also did not know how determined I would be.

I did not know how brave I am.

I did not know how resilient I am.

I did not know how smart I was going to turn out.

And, I didn't know how proud of myself I would be.

I hope when you look back on your own journey you see how amazing you are!

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