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Listen to your body when it whispers

It took 2 years of whispers before my body started to scream.

I wasn’t ignoring the whispers; I just didn’t understand what the whispers were trying to communicate to me. And, I wasn’t the only one that couldn’t translate those whispers. I saw several doctors during that 2 year timeframe and none seemed concerned.

It is so difficult to figure out what the body is trying to tell us and most of us were never trained in the language of the body.

It’s the most important language to learn. Without it, heartburn means we should take a tums, headaches tell us to reach for Tylenol and serious gut issues require the serious pharmaceuticals.

The problem with this “pop a pill approach” is that it simply silences the bodies voice while the issues reoccur.

There’s no Google translate but there is a way to better decipher the whispers. Learn the language that the body speaks.

I’ve spent the past few years merely dreaming of offering a class on this very thing. Now, the course is ready.

If you are exhausted from trying to figure it out all on your own, let me help you better understand the way the digestive system is supposed to function and what you can do to support your body and begin to heal.

As is the case with anything worthwhile, all you need is to commit a little bit of time and money.

It could be priceless.

Four classes stand in between you, better digestion and better communication with your body.

There are only 6 spots left. Get all the details now!

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