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It's ok to not be ok

Sometimes, we just have to sit with discomfort.

We live in a fast-paced world of many conveniences. Now a days, if you have the means, you don’t have to wait long for anything (just think about Amazon, Instacart and drive-thrus to name a few.) Imagine though, if you found out that your health depended on your ability to feed yourself and feed yourself well. Things become really uncomfortable for us when we can’t get what we want. Not being able to have the foods that we want can cause a great deal of distress. Not getting results fast enough can cause us to give up on our goals. Well, here’s something to take note of, sometimes you simply have to just sit with the anger and sadness and grief of not getting that piece of cake or that slice of pizza. It’s been nearly six years since I consumed sugar and I am here to tell you that sugar and processed foods are highly addictive. The first year of not being able to eat processed foods and sugar felt like absolute torment and then something changed. I had managed to just allow myself to feel all those terrible feelings (and even sometimes cry!) and eventually, my preferences changed and the addiction was lost. I made it through the darkness of not being ok. Learning to not be ok when you are trying to make food and lifestyle changes, is a must. Next time you are frustrated by not being able to get what you want, try just sitting through those feelings and allowing yourself to be ok with not being ok.