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Into the darkness

Tonight, we fall back. We gain an hour of sleep which I am ALWAYS grateful for but did you know that this change in time twice a year has an impact on our circadian rhythms? And, the more important circadian rhythm that is affected is that of the trillions of microbes that coexist in and on our bodies.

You've probably felt it yourself, especially in the spring when we lose that hour. And I know that we adjust in a couple of days.

In some ways though, I welcome the darkness. It inspires me to go inward, to reflect on the year that has slowly been making its way through another cycle. I find myself slowing down, despite the increase in seasonal madness that begins to rev up around this time of year. I also love to start looking at ways that I can emerge a better, more conscious and awakened person when the light returns.

#Daylightsavings, #microbiome, #circadianrhythms, #fromdarknesstolight, #hope, #revivalnutritionandhealth

How does daylight savings affect you and how do you handle this transition?

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