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I was being called to listen....this is what my body was telling me

We drove our family across the country to visit family this past Christmas. 18 hours (not counting numerous body breaks) in a car….one way, with three kids and a husband that doesn’t do well doing nothing! Along the road, I had plenty of time to think and process what I was going through, a flare up from Ulcerative Colitis. Whew!

Well, I have been reflecting and wanted to share an excerpt from my journal on December 23rd.

“This flare up has called me away from the chaos, it is saying “take a closer look.” I am being called from inside my own body to listen to what it needs me to hear.

What is this flare up calling me to focus on exactly?

1. My lack of trust in the process of life unfolding just as it is supposed to.

2. The lack of diversity in my food choices and my “food fear”.

3. It wants me to be patient and wait for the gift to show itself.

4. It’s beckoning me to return to my spiritual practices, no matter how busy I may get.

5. It’s reminding me what it feels like to be in the “patient” seat.

How do I feel about this right now?

1. I have the knowledge to get out of this flare up. I just need to calm my mind and work with my body.

2. I am worthy of being healthy and well.

3. I am my own creator. I will be well.“

I am so incredibly glad that I am the kind of person that thrives on

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