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How To Improve Your Physical And Mental Wellness As We Face Another Phase In The Pandemic

Good news: vaccine rates are starting to go up, which, hopefully, will spur the beginning of the end of the pandemic. But, it’s not over yet, and many of us are still feeling the mental and physical fatigue of the fight we’ve all been in the midst of for the last 18+ months. Are you ready to regain your energy so that you can safely and confidently reenter a post-pandemic world? It’s time to prepare. Here are a few tips to put you at the top of your game.

Tackle your personal medical issues.

Virtually every adult has some physical issue that bothers them on a daily basis. This could be something as simple as poor vision or mild arthritis to more pressing concerns, like cancer or depression. Whatever your worry, contact your doctor or healthcare advisor to work out a plan on how to regain control. If you suffer with IBS, chronic digestive issues, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, or other digestive disorder, the Digestive Wellness Program at Revival Nutrition And Health can help you overcome the feelings of being sick and tired all the time. If chronic pain is a concern, talk to your healthcare provider about beginning an exercise regimen. While more research on the correlation between physical activity and pain reduction is still needed, exercising can improve your overall health and flexibility.

Manage money matters.

Almost universally, the pandemic created economic concerns for both people and businesses. While we have largely adapted, many of us still do not have the income we had before COVID. When money is a serious source of stress and strain, look for ways to improve your personal economics. Refinancing your home is one option. According to Redfin, you might get a lower interest rate and smaller mortgage, free up cash in equity, or be able to consolidate debt with a cash-out option. You can cut the cable cord, look for a less expensive cell phone provider, or start a side hustle to earn extra money until your paychecks are stable once again. If you choose the latter, you might even find a career that will lend to your health and happiness.

Change your makeup.

If you’re getting ready to reenter the workforce after a forced hiatus, you may be dreading your previously lengthy morning routine. Now that you’ve been working remotely for the last year, you’ve likely quit wearing makeup, and you probably have no desire to visit Sephora again. But, if you want to look put together and feel confident as you walk out the door, consider changing your makeup to a more natural look. A coat of primer, tinted moisturizer, and powder coupled with lip gloss and a coat of mascara gives you a professional face in 10 minutes or less.