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Finally, the research proves diet matters.

Saying I am elated about this is an understatement. I know thousands of people that have been successfully using diet to help with IBD yet for as long as I can recall we have all been told there wasn't any evidence. Now, can we please stop saying diet doesn't play a role and start recommending one of these two diets at least?

I have had conversations with two very well respected GI's here in the US, both who told me directly that they knew that diet could have a positive effect on IBD but that people weren't willing to make dietary changes so they don't make the recommendation.

They don't know the people I know! 90% of my clients with IBD are bending over backwards trying to figure out what to eat, no matter the degree of change, so that they can reduce symptoms and live a normal life.

I will stop my ranting and just focus on being oh so grateful for this moment.

Such a happy share!

Check out the study here: Mediterranean Style Diet and Specific Carbohydrate Diet™ Can Improve Symptoms of Patients with Crohn’s Disease | Crohn's & Colitis Foundation (

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