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Dearest Past, thank you for the lessons. Dearest Future, I am ready!

I have spent more than 10 years seeking. I love uncovering and collecting pieces of my life story. This practice has helped me heal old wounds and extract their gifts to bring with me into the here and now and the future.

I had a moment the other day when I realized that while I have found great freedom in seeking, the time has come to take all those treasures and start creating.

This realization is simply a seed that I have sown. We humans have this interesting way about us where we tend to think that wanting something badly enough will produce the desired outcome with little to no effort or change on our part. However, this seed I have sown will not miraculously grow simply because I wish it to be so. There’s no magic wand, elixir or pill that will make real what it is I desire to create. It is completely up to me to nurture and grow. Creating requires patience and flexibility but most of all, it requires action.

My inaction in previous years was rooted in fear. A fear of what? Many things and too many to list to be honest.

If I am to commit fully to this year of creation, I am going to have to simply be ok with being uncomfortable and put energy and awareness into those things I most desire.

There’s no superhero that will show up….unless you count me being brave as being a superhero.

There are a few important ideas I have sitting deep inside my bag of curiosities that I plan to dig out, dust off and begin taking action on this year.

The time is now. I am ready.

What are you ready for?

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