Are you in remission?

Wellness Wednesday – What is remission exactly?

I talk a lot about helping people with IBD reach remission.

Did you know that there are several different ways to determine if someone with a chronic illness is in remission or not?

Specific to IBD, which I know all too well, remission an be broken down as follows:

- Biochemical remission where lab tests are done on blood and stool and do not show any signs of IBD

- Clinical remission is when IBD symptoms have subsided to the point that they patient is mostly free from any hallmark symptoms

- Endoscopic remission occurs when there is no inflammation present during a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy

- Histological remission is when patient has reached both clinical and endoscopic remission together

- Surgical remission can follow surgery associated with the removal of inflamed areas and no further inflammation or symptoms exist. This is usually only for a period of time.

About 50% of the nearly 2 million people diagnosed with IBD may be considered to be in remission in any given year. That means there are whole lot of people that are not reaching remission through typical treatment which usually only involves pharmaceuticals.

I whole heartedly believe that many, many more people with IBD would be reaching biochemical and histological remission if they started using food as therapy for their disease. It is the missing link in the treatment of IBD.

Unfortunately, time constraints do not allow your typical GI specialist the opportunity to learn how using food as therapy in conjunction with conventional treatments (or on its own) could be the magic piece of the puzzle.

Could changing what you eat really bring about IBD remission in all its forms (with the exception of surgical…besides, who would need surgery if you changed what you put in your body)? YES IT CAN!

I’ve seen it many times over and more importantly, I have lived it!

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