Irritable Bowel Disease & Autoimmunity

As someone who has experienced the many difficulties of living with Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), Cecili fully understands the hardships that accompany the disease. IBD was the driving force behind Revival Nutrition and Health and this is our area of expertise. Check out Cecili's story for more details. 


Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with IBD or any other autoimmune issue for decades, there is hope for healing and remission. There is no need to live with terrible pain, fear and hopelessness (or the constant need to know where all the restrooms in town are!) While we do not offer a one size fits all package for IBD, we do evaluate all of your unique needs and circumstances so that we can work together to create a package that works specifically for you.   

Please Reach Out!  For most people, there really is a way to conquer IBD.   

"Cecili has been a huge help in finding a path towards health for me and my family. I struggle with fatty liver, obesity, hypothyroidism and the associated aches and pains. Through meal planning, nutritional advice, and hands-on meal preparation, Cecili is helping me and my family be healthier and happier." - Becky

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