Mind/Body Support

One of the most important aspects of healing through food, is to always have a food plan which really requires you to be organized and prepared. Use the following resources to create your food plan so you can ensure success!

My Personal Affirmations

A list of foods to choose from for your meal planning and food rotation needs. Nobody likes to focus on what they can't have so we created a list of foods you CAN have! Be sure to read notes section as not all foods on this list are ok if you are presenting symptoms. 

Weekly Meal Planning

Once your monthly list has been completed, use this weekly meal planning template to stay on top of what you will eat for the entire week. 

Food Journal Template

Keep track of what and when you eat as well as any symptoms that you experience. This helps take some of the guessing out of trying to figure out what foods are not working with your body during the healing process. 

Intermittent Fasting Handout

Guidelines on the benefits of intermittent fasting and how to get started. 

Pantry & Kitchen Esentials

A helpful list of some pantry and kitchen essentials to keep on hand. 

Pantry Inventory Template

For anyone that likes to maintain order and stay organized.

Grocery List Template

A simple but effective template for keeping up with your grocery needs. 

Packaged Food List

I know how hard it is to prepare every meal from scratch so I created a list of already prepared snacks and foods you can buy without worrying about unhealthy ingredients. Use this when you are traveling or just to have options available on those days you're too tired. 

Bristol Stool Chart

This chart helps you keep track of what type of bowel movements you are having. 

Hydrochloric Acid Test

How to determine your personal dosage of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL

My Favorite Recipe Resources

Staying excited about food is key to avoiding negative thoughts and feelings about changing our eating habits. This list includes some of my favorite recipe resources. 

Fridge Inventory Template

For anyone that likes to maintain order and stay organized.

Monthly Meal Planning

Use this template one day a month to plan your meals for the entire month at one time. This helps tremendously with ensuring you have what you need to eat each day and helps create your weekly meal planning and grocery lists!

Food Rotation Template

This food rotation template is one of the most important tools in this section. Rotating foods to avoid new food sensitivities is super important. Once you have this template completed, build your monthly meal planning calendar. 

Diet Fine Tuning Checklist

This checklist really helps you track reactions to foods! It is a must print out resources to help you avoid consumption of reactive foods.

Zinc Taste Test Instructions

Instructions for determining if you need to supplement with zinc. 

Kitchen Inventory Template

For anyone that likes to maintain order and stay organized.

Freezer Inventory Template

For anyone that likes to maintain order and stay organized.

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