I went from a terrifying diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis to eventually landing in the hospital for nearly a week. As I lay in the hospital bed, I made the decision that I would never let myself get that sick again. So, despite doctors telling me it wasn't possible, I took my health into my own hands and used natural solutions to heal my body and put me in remission!


Now I help others do the same. 

Millions of people suffer from digestive issues such as Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, Gerd, SIBO and more. You might even be one of them.
Maybe you received a diagnosis. Maybe doctor's haven't been able to fully understand your symptoms. Either way, you deserve answers and more importantly, you deserve to be well again.
I personally know the hardships associated with failing digestive health and have created a life-changing, natural system that heals the body, leaving you feeling better than ever before.   

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Let's take a quick look at the difference between "treating" and "healing" so that you can decide if my natural approach is right for you.  

Some facts you should know:

  • 70 million Americans have a digestive disorder

  • More than twenty million Americans suffer from chronic digestive diseases

  • Nearly 2 million Americans are diagnosed with IBD with medical expenses mounting to more than $6 billion annually.

  • The average annual medical expenses for someone with IBD is more than $8K a year. 

  • Roughly 35 million Americans suffer from IBS

  • Digestive diseases necessitate 25% of all surgical operations

  • More Americans are hospitalized with digestive diseases than any other type of disease

  • Digestive diseases represent one of the Nation's most serious health problems in terms of discomfort and pain, personal expenditures for treatment, loss of working hours, and early mortality



Standard treatments for digestive disorders typically include:

  • Over the counter medication to ease symptoms

  • Prescription medications that cost a fortune and are usually not fully covered by insurance. 

  • Invasive surgical procedures


None of these actually HEAL the body!

It's safe to say that most Americans suffering from digestive disorders are prescribed the same set of treatments despite their unique physical and physiological differences. Using the standard "treatment" does not heal the body.


We put all of our faith in a doctor's ability to take care of us and many of us don't even know that there are options outside the standard treatment protocols.  

We don't have to settle for the "treatment" option.

Natural healing and true remission are absolutely possible. 

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The terms "treat" and 'heal' might seem very similar but if we take a closer look, you can see, they are quite different. 

To Treat

to provide medical or surgical care.

To Heal

to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment.

Treatment is a way of addressing a particular symptom or physical complaint. This means that practitioners find ways to eliminate the symptom(s). For example, someone with Ulcerative Colitis will almost certainly be prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication and in some cases, an immune system suppressor. These are band-aids that fail to address the actual problem.

A healing approach sees symptoms as a sign that something in the body is out of balance. This approach always begins by asking some very important questions:

"What is causing the body to be inflamed?" 

"What is causing the immune system dysfunction?"


The answers to these questions begin to surface as we take a deeper look.

My goal is to heal your body and restore balance and well-being.

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